Casino What is the best way to cheat at online poker?

What is the best way to cheat at online poker?

What is the best way to cheat at online poker?

Online poker has seen a dramatic shift in the past decade. Online poker has seen a dramatic increase in players, increased number of poker rooms and record-breaking prize pools. This phenomenal growth leads to a tremendous profit, which is always the same thing. Corruption. Corruption. There are many online poker cheating conspiracy theories. But how credible are these theories?

Poker sites spend huge amounts of money on anti-virus software and cheating prevention programs. Every reputable poker site has a customer service team that will investigate any illegal play at the tables. These sites seem to favor Texas Hold’em, especially for UK online casinos. Players shouldn’t experience any cheats, but make sure you report them. Let’s make online poker enjoyable!

Hacking- Hacking comes in many forms. The most popular are:

* Trojans – A Trojan virus disguises itself as a harmless program, but once it is run, the virus is activated. A virus is any program that alters software beyond its normal operating cycle.

* Keyloggers – A keylogger is software that records keystrokes so players can find their login details. Sometimes disguised as harmless files (Trojan).

Collusion is when multiple players are playing at the same online poker game. This is cheating as the odds of winning are manipulated. There are two players against each other at the table.

Multi-account – When collusion is used by multiple people at the table, “multi accounting” refers to one person having multiple avatars on the same poker table.

Online poker cheating is now easier than ever. Software packages can be downloaded that will automatically play all the poker games. This is a controversial method of cheating because the software can make perfect mathematical decisions based upon available information. Humans can’t (within the time frame at the poker table).

Inside Job The famous Absolute Poker scam was an “inside job”, where an employee or former employee adds code to the software package idn poker of the poker site to give unfair advantage to one player. Online poker cheating isn’t as common as it used to be, but one person can be charged if they are caught.

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