Business Risk-Free Investment Options by William Schantz for Retirees in 2022

Risk-Free Investment Options by William Schantz for Retirees in 2022

Risk-Free Investment Options by William Schantz for Retirees in 2022

For most people, the only hard part about retirement savings is accumulating sufficient funds. However, the real battle begins when you have to start re-investing the money to maintain a steady stream of income. You have to be very careful about finding some of the safest investment options to protect your income. Keeping a balance between risk-free and higher return options is the key to growing your wealth once your retire, says William Schantz

If you are looking to grow your wealth post-retirement, keep reading to learn about some risk-free options by Schantz!

What Are Some Risk-Free Investment Options for Retirees? – A Guide by William Schantz


Annuities are the best risk-free options for retirees to consider in 2022. While people might think that annuities are fee-heavy, they are actually a great way to ensure a steady stream of income. The only thing you need to bear in mind is to choose the right type of annuity that suits your post-retirement expenses/needs. 

While choosing between the types of annuities, make sure that you figure out if you need fixed or variable rates. Fixed annuities guarantee a minimum amount of return and the payments are scheduled. On the contrary, variable annuities have their rate of returns depending on how well the investments will perform. 


Another very common and risk-free investment is to create a bond ladder using your retirement savings. A ladder means that you have invested in different bonds and they have different maturities. Once your bonds reach the age of maturity, you get the premiums and the principal amount back, explains William Schantz. You can use that premium to further invest in long-term bonds to create a stream of income. This way you can also mitigate the risk of being affected by fluctuations in the interest rates. 

Credible Dividend Stocks

One can never be sure about how long they will get to live post-retirement and there is always a possibility of outliving your savings. When it comes to growing your income portfolio, stocks are your best shot for a hedge against inflation. However, not every stock is worth investing in once you retire and have limited resources, says Schantz. 

People need to ensure that the dividends stocks that they are investing in are of high quality and belong to credible companies. You need to also be mindful that regardless of the value of stocks themselves, dividends should be able to generate a steady income for you to get by. The dividends and pay-offs keep varying with each fiscal year and are not guaranteed despite giving higher returns. 

Concluding Remarks by Schantz

In a nutshell, it is safe to say that acquiring a certain amount of retirement savings is not the only thing you need. You need to look for ways to re-invest and grow your savings/retirement fund. William Schantzsays that you can invest your money in annuities and bonds, as they are the most risk-free options for you. However, people looking for higher returns can also invest in dividend stocks. However, never put all your funds in one place and look for a combination of investment portfolios that suits your retirement needs the best. 

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