Casino 5 Different Types of People Who Enjoy Online Rummy

5 Different Types of People Who Enjoy Online Rummy

5 Different Types of People Who Enjoy Online Rummy

Rummy is truly an exciting online game to play, even better than other card games. You get to play with lakhs of people from all over India, in other words we can say, you get to play & interact with lakhs of different personalities and characters in the game, isn’t it? Different people have different intentions to come online to play rummy, as a result of which, we get to experience different gaming styles and personalities against us while playing a match.

In a way, it becomes essential to know who are you playing against, so as to understand their strategy, cards, and device a plan/strategy to counter and defeat them. Let’s get familiar with some types of people who enjoy online rummy:


These are the common type of players you will find online easily. They have just recently opened their rummy online accounts and are excited even for just playing! You will find them in Freeroll tournaments, practice games, and low-value tables. In the beginning, for half of the time, they will be wandering and exploring all the features of the rummy app like KhelPlay Rummy.

Don’t confuse Newbies with Noobs. The difference between them is, noobs are playing Indian rummy just for the sake of trying something new. After some time, most of the noobs move on to some other game.

The Money Lovers

Who doesn’t like money? As the name suggests, they have made their account on Indian rummy sites with the sole purpose of winning lots of real cash. But only some of them succeed in achieving that, esp. those who truly have rummy talent and skills. Some of them will risk takers, blindly depositing money, and playing on high-roller tables to win Big. They mostly don’t care about any process, development or strategies, only wins and money.

The Strategy Makers

The real thrill of playing rummy lies in planning successful moves, developing strategies for next few moves or the overall game, and some players love to do just that. Such players are creative and do out-of-the-box thinking. The strategy makers also have a keen observation skill, as they note every move and behaviour of their opponent and counter it appropriately with their strategy. They are also good at deceiving their opponents with their cards and moves.

Pro Rummy Lovers

These players are true online rummy game lovers. They probably have been playing rummy since childhood with their friends, and have now built a successful career in rummy gaming. These professional players love playing rummy and play/are ready to play at any time of the day. They never get bored of playing rummy. They also know a lot of details of rummy terms, rummy rules, history, etc.

Pastime Spenders

A lot of people don’t look at rummy professionally or to win a lot of real cash, but as a pastime. They will play rummy only when they have free time or they feel like. Playing online rummy game after a gap of 3-4 to 7-8 days will be a common thing for them. They don’t regularly deposit money, or take up offers, or join special tournaments. They may learn only a few tricks or strategies, but not seriously, as they believe rummy is meant to be a means of entertainment only.

Surely you must have come across all of them if you have or are playing rummy. If you haven’t yet, then right now Download KhelPlay Rummy app and register. You get a huge 200% Welcome Bonus on your first Deposit! Best in the Industry! Play rummy against lakhs of other players/characters and win exciting cash prizes. Well, on a lighter note, which one of the above type are you?

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