Super Bowl Betting – History Says Smart Money is about the FavoritesFavorites victory about 33% of their time at racetracks. The NFL team with the greatest percentage for all matches played through the year is that the Miami Dolphins — almost 59 percent. You’re going to be surprised to learn since I did favorites win over 74 percent of the moment, If it comes to the Super Bowl. Teams that were favored succeeded in 32 of the 43 games. That bodes Sunday for the Baltimore Colts, preferred across the New Orleans Saints because it was made by both into the NFL championship match in Sun Life Stadium.

The greatest winning streak for favorites originated to’80: Nine. There have been. A week past Indianapolis had been a 5 1/2- to preferred at seven sportsbooks. With three sportsbooks, the odds averaged 5 1/2 points on Wednesday. The motive: Colts star defensive end Dwight Freeney ankle hurt from the AFC conference championship victory on the Jets is not getting better. With 2 minutes to go, he limped off the area, hopped a few actions and pulled up short of quarterback Mark Sanchez onto a pass rush.

In reality, many media organizations reported coach Jim Caldwell is planning to perform without soi keo nha cai dem nay Freeney however he remains optimistic his sacker will match up. The Associated Press reported the team is operating on a turning in case he can’t perform without him and defensive lineman Raheem Brock is the replacement. Freeney, using 13 1/2 sacks, was held out of training because of last week and stated of working out later that week that his odds weren’t great. He’s dropped more or 10 sacks six occasions. Officially Indianapolis spokesman explained that the harm is a noninvasive, very low basketball breed ” 1 source said that it was a torn ligament. Three Colts are suspicious because of Wednesday: Running knee, security Melvin Bullitt Donald Brown, foot ; and Jerraud Powers, foot . Several trends that are winning should help determine your Super Bowl choice.