To get your stiff arm out properly, you need to have a defensive player on your sides and close to attacking you. When the runner is an arm’s length away from you, press A on Xbox One or X on PS4 and you will stiffen your opponent.

If you time it wrong, you could end up shortening the race, so be sure to watch out for that. This move, for those unaware, is a move commonly used by ball carriers to use their arm as a way to block and ward off defenders trying to tackle them.

Players run the risk of accidentally (or intentionally) causing a mask penalty when using a stiff arm, but the payoff is getting rid of a block that would have otherwise ended the play. In Madden NFL 21, it’s not too common to see stiff arms removed due to how fast the game moves, but expert players can use it when the time is right.

That’s all you need to know how to build a stiff arm in Madden NFL 21. Madden NFL 21 on the new generation of consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S), and also on the past generation (PS4 and Xbox One). Therefore, if you are enjoying the game as much as we do, don’t forget you can buy Madden coins on muteamgo store!